16 May 2007


seeing that its apparently the week of arb blogs: (can we get judges & prizes?!)
I have not done this in a while- blog about something totally arb- but as technical guru for a world of bean counters, I find myself really short pressed for time. So here I make a prolific attempt to maintain the flow of verve through my blog and optimistically we will see some signs of intelligent life~!

Mib- an amazingly simple tool that some of us cannot do without. It serves its purpose well, but only with it’s compulsorily ingredient. But what makes me expound the unanticipated merits of this insignificant instrument is the surprising effect on its non-users!

Following a visit to the place of use of the Mib, a colleague, looking beleaguered in thought, trying to figure out the reason for the Mib. Forced to explain the use of the gadget, I endeavoured to do so in as simple a fashion as possible- not that such explanation could ever swoop over anyone’s head.

My simplicity and logic of my elucidation found the above mentioned colleague totally astonished- he seemed to struggle to find, deep in his cultured and enlightened self, the reason for not thinking before of something so vitally important and easy.

Just goes to show that you never know what could apparently insignificant item, or in that case event, could prove to pave the way forward for spreading some light.

*** Mib = mobile istinja bottle ***
** mobile istinja bottle = a vessel to carry water, in my case usually valprĂȘ or bon aqua **
* istinja = cleaning impurities *


Faaiq said...

y does ur mib need to hav a label like valpre or bon aqua? y not evian or the orange juice bottle with the squeeze top?

saaleha said...

you take first place :)


Anonymous said...

quite an arb blog , you strange bro!

Bilal said...

Doesn’t have to be valpre or bon aqua- just usually is- that’s the supply in the current hood!

From the Queen of bloggers herself! What an honour:)
All I need now if for Mak himself to share his thoughts!

Erm, thanks~ I think..
Is it not equally strange to comment as anonymous on a strange post?:P
Actually, what I find more strange is how something so simple helps spread the Truth!

The K-man said...

Im not a fan of public toilets, but i to have a Mib. In sandton the toilets buy the jamaat khanna there are Mib's left there for your use. The cleaner there even knows its for the muslim guys .

Bilal said...

yup, know about the ones in sandton- use them often..

@everyone who thought this was too arb:
Riaad Moosa makes similar jokes in his show!
great minds and all that:)

Fatima said...

I'll never forget the day I had to explain that to a guy in High School.
He thought it was weird.


Bilal said...

so its not just me hey!

Zahira said...

i have an mib at work lol go figure!!!
i even had one all the way through campus lol was some times a mission to get to the jk

zakir said...

the Mib finally makes a public appearance. Good marketing dude. We gotta copyright it or else theres gonna be a flood of fong kong Mib's!!

Very important note about the MIB.....dont mix it up with your gym bottle!!

queen_Lestat said...

lol...and here I was thinking it was the Flashy thing from the OTHER M(en)I(n)B(lack).the memory "cleansing" thing...well that was until I got to paragraph 3 and then some. meeeeeh. qL's mind be fading :P

Bilal said...

everyone knows exactly what u talking about- but most too shy to talk about it:)

You bots guys probably going to try to import fong kongs:P

Hence, I won the arb blog post prize:P