27 June 2007


It was really awesome driving through the snow as midnight last night. The snow falls slowly and the light catches the flakes as they float earthwards. Switching on your brights just enhances the experience. But I also caught sight of a homeless guy, wrapped in plastic, scuttling down the road, probably looking for better shelter. Snow floats downwards, settles, and forms ice. Definitely not pleasant waking up at that hour and finding slush all over your ‘bed’.

But anyways, I went home and had a great nights sleep in my warm bed. Snow is a good excuse to use for being late for work! Woke up to find that the snow had done a great job of icing up everything! But the white blanket over every thing looked cool. As I pulled out of the garage, I see a guy going for the bin, probably looking for food as he normally does every morning. Sadly, the snow had sealed the bin shut with a layer of ice. No breakfast today for this guy.

But all that aside, doesn’t it make you think. All this El Nino stuff, Mexican guy or not, should be freaking us out. Or is this not global warming. More like global cooling as some say. Perhaps we should be taking the energy conservation stuff more seriously. Before we proper screw up this planet…

**disclaimer- this picture is of me near Jerusalem last Dec. Had no pictures of me in last nights snow..**

26 June 2007

Hit & Run..

Some idiot knocked me. Hit and run. Damage not that bad, but it sucks! If you see a white bantam with metallic blue paint on his front right fender, run him off the road!

22 June 2007

A historic breakthrough in the Islamic alcohol industry...

An attempt to highlight some dangers of not adequately applying our minds.
A historic breakthrough in the Islamic alcohol industry was announced at a recent gathering of industry experts...

By Abu Eesa -- The innovative Islamic alcohol industry is estimated to have a potential annual turnover of 150 billion pints of beer.

This potential turnover has been growing at some 15% per annum for several years, as many Muslims grow increasingly impatient in expectation of their first halal drink.

Now, thanks to the pioneering efforts of a small group of dedicated researchers at the International Institute for Islamic Beer, Muslims across the globe can look forward to spending Friday nights in their local pub just like the kaafirs.

"For many Muslims, access to the kind of social opportunities enjoyed by non-Muslims has not been forthcoming. We believe that by allowing the average Muslim to enjoy a drink down the pub with his non-Muslim friends, a wider variety of job and business opportunities will become available. This can only be good for the Ummah" commented Yaqoob Goldstone, developer of the ground-breaking al-Beer contract.

Using al-Beer, the group of specialists demonstrated how Muslim clients will be able to enjoy their new found freedom.

The Muslim (called the "al-Muslim" in the contract documents) first makes an agreement with the bar manager (the "al-Manager") that he will lay down on the floor of the bar facing upwards with his mouth wide open.

The al-Manager then fills a specially reinforced glass with an alcoholic beverage.

One end of a string is now carefully wrapped around the reinforced glass and the other end is tied to the front door.

The al-Manager now appoints an agent, who is not connected with the al-Muslim, and requires the agent to enter the bar after all the other arrangements have been put in place.

As soon as the agent enters the bar, the string tips the glass over and empties the contents into the al-Muslim's mouth.

So how easy was it to obtain Shariah approval for the al-Beer contract? "Not too difficult", explains Goldstone.

"We asked the Sheikhs whether it is halal to wrap a string around a glass, and they said yes. We asked them is it halal to lay down on a floor, and they said yes. Then we asked them is it halal to open a door, and again they said yes it is halal."

Market commentators say that the main problem with the al-Beer contract at the moment is that the al-Muslim cannot specify which beverage he wants the al-Manager to put in the glass.

"For the al-Muslim to specify that he wants an alcoholic drink in the glass would be a contravention of Shariah, and that is haram" explains Dr. Abdul Iwanto, a well known commentator.

"On the other hand if the al-Muslim finds that an alcoholic drink accidentally spills into this mouth, then there is no sin upon him. That is the essence of the al-Beer contract."

But how many drinks can the al-Muslim reasonably have before it is no longer possible to see the arrangement as an accident?

The specialists have of course foreseen this issue and have placed a limit of six upon the number of accidents that the al-Muslim can have in any one evening.

"It's a well established fact that Muslims aren't allowed to get themselves drunk", remarks Iwanto.

Other commentators are not so impressed. At a fringe meeting outside the main conference hall, one complained that the Islamic Alcohol Industry was a contradiction in terms.

"We keep on telling them that you can't have Islamic alcoholic drinks but they just don't listen".

For his part, Goldstone believes that just as Islamic banking products have opened up a world of financial opportunities to Muslims in the last few years, so too the al-Beer contract will open up the social scene of nightclubs and pub-crawls.

He certainly is an interesting character, and seems to have the genuine interests of Islam at heart.

We look forward to seeing where his innovative product development takes us in years to come.


16 June 2007

16 June 2007

Hector Pieterson (1964 – 16 June 1976) became the iconic image of the 1976 Soweto uprising in apartheid South Africa when a news photograph of the dying Hector being carried by a fellow student, was published around the world. He was killed at the age of 12 when the police opened fire on protesting students. For years, June 16 stood as a symbol of resistance to the brutality of the Apartheid government.

Today, it is known as National Youth Day — a day on which South Africans honour young people and bring attention to their needs. Let us not forget that Apartheid that still exists. The Apartheid under which the Palestinian Hector Pietersons are being killed.

Lest we forget...

pic courtesy of peace and quite

13 June 2007

your thoughts?

Read below, excerpts from a gtalk convo. Share your thoughts. Or start a rebellion.
*also see previous post- Muslims don't help..*

C: Support the striking workers... it's a move to equality
A: slmz
support how?

C: wslm
be imaginative
or just ditch work and dance in the street
no... really i think they have a worthy cause
and perhaps we should start a petition
south africans supporting the increase of municipal workers wage increase?
or write open letters to newspapers
or hold a friday meeting about it
when we were small they used say, when you are school your teachers are your mothers
i wouldn't wish this hell on my mother any day

Sent at 2:09 PM on Wednesday

A: i agree with most of what you have to say
i believe that perhaps more drastic action should be taken

C: like?

A: i would support and encourage them to take what is righfully theirs

C: ie?

A: my car for example- i got it mainly due to the prevailing economic situation- that should entitle someone who suffers for precisely the same reasons to be equally entitled to it
we need riots, land grabs, total social chaos
coz without that, gov will continue to suck up to big business and candy floss our capitalist economy

C: total rev, hey...hehe

A: imaams should be declaring all forms of luxury totally forbidden in Islam
and those imaams who do not, should be removed from their pulpits
luxury cars should be stoned on the road
all stores that carry goods above the affordability of the masses, should be looted and shut
Sent at 2:19 PM on Wednesday

C: i agree with the 1st part bt imaams forbidding luxury...but i also believe that it starts with us giving up our own luxuries

A: nobody will do it
they need to be forced

10 June 2007

Muslims don’t help!

Michael Anthony. Born and bred in Stanger on the east coast. Divorced about 6 years ago and now lives in the streets, making quite a bit of money, but drinking it away on a daily basis to forget his problems and drown his sorrows.

A noticeably intelligent and witty guy, able to caution a fellow volunteer for smoking and harming his body, a gift from God, in the process.
What about drinking?’, he is asked.
“Hey ekse, you don’t come choon me about harming my body. I know I have problems, I know I sin, I live on the street. I am still trying to sort out my life! But you, you are here as a man of God, a man of religion. Rather help yourself and stop smoking than come here and try to help me!”
Clearly a strong minded and sharp individual. But someone not yet ready to sort out his life and face his problems.

“Your name is Bilal. What kind of Christian name is that! That is a Muslim name. What? Are you Muslim Christian, Christian Muslim, whats your story bra?”
‘No. My name is Bilal and I am a Muslim. I am here with my Christian brothers to also try and help’
“Humphh!! Muslims don’t help!”

05 June 2007

Did Mandela say this:

What is our greatest fear?

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,

But that we are powerful beyond measure...

Should have asked him when we met [two years] ago!!
[its 03:04pm on the 05/06/07]

04 June 2007

The grape...

Why is it there? All on its own. Probably yearning for the rest of the bunch. I just don’t get it!

Not that I get the rest of airline food anyways. Don’t get me wrong- Singapore airlines the best food the skys have to offer. [Pretty good air hostesses as well :-) (read: well-trained!!) ]

But why? Who do they hire to pluck one grape at a time and drop it into the little bowl. The slice of pineapple and peach are slightly better. But the grape!

Anyways. Malaysia is an amazing place. Someone put it really nicely: a beautiful balance between Malay culture, Islam and good business. I went with expectations- I was impressed!!

*More on the Far East experience in the future.*