04 June 2007

The grape...

Why is it there? All on its own. Probably yearning for the rest of the bunch. I just don’t get it!

Not that I get the rest of airline food anyways. Don’t get me wrong- Singapore airlines the best food the skys have to offer. [Pretty good air hostesses as well :-) (read: well-trained!!) ]

But why? Who do they hire to pluck one grape at a time and drop it into the little bowl. The slice of pineapple and peach are slightly better. But the grape!

Anyways. Malaysia is an amazing place. Someone put it really nicely: a beautiful balance between Malay culture, Islam and good business. I went with expectations- I was impressed!!

*More on the Far East experience in the future.*


Fatima said...

Malaysia rocks! :)

qdee said...

the grape...its a symbol of the misfits of society..sometimes it can be sweet, while other times, sour and lonely.oh well, thats just me view ;) same goes for the single olive in greek salad..
malaysia sounds all exotic and intoxicating. enjoy every moment!

someone said...

never thought of the grape thing, but yeah, it's always a lonesome fruit.Malaysia rocketh mightily.

O and thanks ;)

PS blogger won't let me sign in so anways...


Bilal said...

i agree. it really does!

thanks, nice way with words you have!
Malaysia was awesome- back at work now:(

should have given better credit where credit was due:)

Bin Gregory said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'll look forward to reading more about it.