10 June 2007

Muslims don’t help!

Michael Anthony. Born and bred in Stanger on the east coast. Divorced about 6 years ago and now lives in the streets, making quite a bit of money, but drinking it away on a daily basis to forget his problems and drown his sorrows.

A noticeably intelligent and witty guy, able to caution a fellow volunteer for smoking and harming his body, a gift from God, in the process.
What about drinking?’, he is asked.
“Hey ekse, you don’t come choon me about harming my body. I know I have problems, I know I sin, I live on the street. I am still trying to sort out my life! But you, you are here as a man of God, a man of religion. Rather help yourself and stop smoking than come here and try to help me!”
Clearly a strong minded and sharp individual. But someone not yet ready to sort out his life and face his problems.

“Your name is Bilal. What kind of Christian name is that! That is a Muslim name. What? Are you Muslim Christian, Christian Muslim, whats your story bra?”
‘No. My name is Bilal and I am a Muslim. I am here with my Christian brothers to also try and help’
“Humphh!! Muslims don’t help!”


Ali la Loca said...

What a shame this is his perspective...

Bilal said...

Its not really a shame- its pretty much accurate!
thats a shame...

Haseena said...

i dont think its accurate
muslims do help
from what i see
maybe its more prominent in ct

Bilal said...

maybe it is more prominent in ct.
but i dont think he just made it up or hates Muslims- his feelings are 'generally' accurate.
whether we like to think so or not...