27 June 2007


It was really awesome driving through the snow as midnight last night. The snow falls slowly and the light catches the flakes as they float earthwards. Switching on your brights just enhances the experience. But I also caught sight of a homeless guy, wrapped in plastic, scuttling down the road, probably looking for better shelter. Snow floats downwards, settles, and forms ice. Definitely not pleasant waking up at that hour and finding slush all over your ‘bed’.

But anyways, I went home and had a great nights sleep in my warm bed. Snow is a good excuse to use for being late for work! Woke up to find that the snow had done a great job of icing up everything! But the white blanket over every thing looked cool. As I pulled out of the garage, I see a guy going for the bin, probably looking for food as he normally does every morning. Sadly, the snow had sealed the bin shut with a layer of ice. No breakfast today for this guy.

But all that aside, doesn’t it make you think. All this El Nino stuff, Mexican guy or not, should be freaking us out. Or is this not global warming. More like global cooling as some say. Perhaps we should be taking the energy conservation stuff more seriously. Before we proper screw up this planet…

**disclaimer- this picture is of me near Jerusalem last Dec. Had no pictures of me in last nights snow..**


zingtrial said...

Salaam, well you got a good:)night's sleep.My friend He!He!He!.I am still around.
Its been raining for a week here.
Hope that guy finds something to eat.
Wish you well

irshaad said...

not only screw this planet up, but make life really miserable for a generation or 2 from now....its being selfish in a way

Bilal said...

Thanks for stopping by. its been freezing for weeks here!
take care

tell me about it. so what we going to do?

Dew said...

lol @ disclaimer. There I was spending a good ten minutes admiring the lovely snow in Johannesburg.

I can't even imagine what the people putside must have been going through if I was freezing inside...in Durban!