13 June 2007

your thoughts?

Read below, excerpts from a gtalk convo. Share your thoughts. Or start a rebellion.
*also see previous post- Muslims don't help..*

C: Support the striking workers... it's a move to equality
A: slmz
support how?

C: wslm
be imaginative
or just ditch work and dance in the street
no... really i think they have a worthy cause
and perhaps we should start a petition
south africans supporting the increase of municipal workers wage increase?
or write open letters to newspapers
or hold a friday meeting about it
when we were small they used say, when you are school your teachers are your mothers
i wouldn't wish this hell on my mother any day

Sent at 2:09 PM on Wednesday

A: i agree with most of what you have to say
i believe that perhaps more drastic action should be taken

C: like?

A: i would support and encourage them to take what is righfully theirs

C: ie?

A: my car for example- i got it mainly due to the prevailing economic situation- that should entitle someone who suffers for precisely the same reasons to be equally entitled to it
we need riots, land grabs, total social chaos
coz without that, gov will continue to suck up to big business and candy floss our capitalist economy

C: total rev, hey...hehe

A: imaams should be declaring all forms of luxury totally forbidden in Islam
and those imaams who do not, should be removed from their pulpits
luxury cars should be stoned on the road
all stores that carry goods above the affordability of the masses, should be looted and shut
Sent at 2:19 PM on Wednesday

C: i agree with the 1st part bt imaams forbidding luxury...but i also believe that it starts with us giving up our own luxuries

A: nobody will do it
they need to be forced


Zahira said...

since i already voiced my thoughts on this to you let me just say....
i'm all for the strikers long explanation short the governmenthas surplus wealth that can be use for betterment so why don't they anyways lekkers dude bye

Waseem said...

Making luxury forbidden in islam is wrong as far as I am concerned because whatever people have is given to them by Allah. Only He has the right to take away something and only He has the right to give you something.

Haseena said...

hectic stuff
drastic times require drastic measures?
we have become complacent
living in the lap of luxury
buying into every commercial need and want
the reality of the situation is as much as we choose to ignore all of this now - its going to have a intense impact on our futures and the future of this country
but what can we do - besides being drastic?
force ppl to care? force a change? give me something to do and i'll do it

in terms of your last post bilal, maybe you are right - thats the way some ppl see us muslims.. i woudnt blame them -i look around my own 'social network' and see indifference and apathy, i just study ppl as a matter of interest and see whats important to them - from what i see its all the wrong things and its extremely sad.. imagine those that witness this daily and have little or nothing themselves - a daily fight for survival while us muslims dont seem to give a damn. id be angry too.. i woudnt go as far as saying muslims dont help, but i would say 'most muslims dont help - or they just dont seem to care'
just my 2cents

queen_Lestat said...

I agree to a point. I believe that if the Gov was true to it's socialist/communist roots that the firstly, the people would govern and secondly that the workers should unite and they should come first.

It's a complete travesty that a country whose constitution was based on the premise of education for all and that the people shall govern, pays it's teachers and other public servants a pittance compared to the inflation rates.

Also hiking parliamentarians etc salaries a whopping 50-100% is disgusting when the workers spend half their salary in transport to get to work.

As for the imam's story, I don't wanna comment there suffice to say that the money which you work for in your business etc is yours to do with. Zakaah is fard, lillah and sadaqah etc should be done out of your own free will and conscience.

Having luxurious things to enjoy life and to have comfort etc is one thing.

(Islam has never denied anyone their wealth, except on the Zakaah issue, and 2.5% is hardly a dent in most cases, the Khulafa and other sahabah were amongst some of the wealthiest people of their time)

However, flashing your luxuries and showing off is another(this is what Islam forbids)ie using your wealth for the purposes of furthering arrogance and making visible the material socio-economic divides without concern or care about the poor and those in need.

Nice one Bilal :)

irshaad said...

just a quick random and incomprehensive (uncomprehensive?) thought - the continued surge towards the aquisition of wealth maybe seen to be the roots of our society(particularly the new genertion) descending to new levels of shallowness.(for want of a better word)

Goolam_D said...

If our economy hasn't done this well ever before .. to the extent that people from certain segments think that "bling" is a lifestyle choice, (some even think Allah wants us to live completely removed from the social reality of the dying MILLIONS in our country) .. then share it with the members of government who have made it possible. Free markets don't create prosperity. Justly run societies who earn Allahs favour do that.

Anonymous said...

and still we all did nothing... NOTHING... we suck