24 July 2007


- Happy belated birthday to Mr Mandela. 89 is a good number.

- Last week attended the F-R-E-E-D-O-M through music event with youth from Palestine and Soweto~ great show!

- People continue to protest for basic services. Scenes on TV look like Apartheid stuff! Rubber bullets, tear gas and marches to Kliptown, home of the Freedom Charter. Signs of something gone wrong? Huh? No?

- Met with big shots on ABSA Islamic Banking Sharia Advisory Board: there seems to be no hope:( All hail capitalismmmmm........

- And while the world, and this country, is getting screwed up by oppression and capitalism- I was able to make people laugh! Don't get me wrong, I loved making people laugh~ but can humour honestly be used to get some important messages out there? I wonder...

- Think I have forgotten to link this: East Africa Explore so here it is almost 1 year later!!!

1 comment:

Goolam_D said...

The Shariah advisory board is a euphemism for niche market.

Use that one for any ethically dubious self promoting body you like