17 July 2007

An idiot’s guide to camping in winter.

Based on my vast camping experiences, I feel that it is my duty to mankind, to document guidance around the winter camping experience. The following rules/tips will be invaluable to the novice camper:

1. Try to plan your camping trip more than 24 hours in advance.
2. Leave the camera tripod at home- that space can be used better.
3. Take camping chairs- at least one each- almost as important as food!
4. If the temperature is expected to be below 0 deg, do not take a tent called ‘Coral Cabin’- this model is probably designed for warmer coastal climates.
5. Draw up a proper list and make sure everyone knows what they need to buy so that you have the right quantity of food.
6. Marshmallows and nutella go well together after a braai.
7. If you taking a blow up mattress- carrying the pump will be a good idea!
8. 3 hours of chopping wood = 30 min of camp fire! Pack 2 axes...
9. All liquids left outside the tent freeze overnight- so does the river you camp next to! Pack a beanie!
10. Be sure to pack lots of excitement and a huge dose of adventure spirit.

[A tea bag that froze in the cup overnight...]


Fatima said...

Good list to keep :)
Like the teabag :)

Haseena said...

as i sed before
just settle down bilal

Anonymous said...

What about da bla??? Is it possible to go campin without gettin stoned?

Bilal said...

Always good to learn from the experiences of others:)
The teabag, bottles of water and the river- all better liquid than frozen!

Don't rush me:p
I am going away for a bit, but will be back soon...

Of course! You shouldnt do that stuff hey!

Haseena said...

settle down as in chill out relax, take some time to have a break - ie dont do silly things like camping in winter:P
ps. how is this hitting on you?

brotherhood said...

haha thanks bro :P

ZK said...

lol hope you had a blast though :P
campin in winter *sigh* the insanity of it all