24 August 2007

Are u joking? Laughing is Haraam!?!

I don't believe it! I thought for once the South African Muslim community can get together and laugh together, for a good cause, and at the same time break some of the myths that exist about us, as well as laughing away some of the stupidities that exist- how else to bring about change- change in thoughts and mindsets- if not by realising through comedy how stupid we have been!!

But anyways, this week, in the run up to the biggest Muslim Comedy Show that South Africa has ever seen, I have been seeing emails about why we should boycott the show! Are you serious?!

One guy sends out a khutba of an email that is soo long, and largely irrelavant to the point he is trying to back up, that I doubt anyone will waste much time reading through the whole thing- just makes you think how much he could achieve if he was constructive, rather that just being plain stupid!

And got these emails from a high ranking celebrity Mufti:

Assalaamu alaikum

It is haraam for you to advertise this mockery of Islam.


What?! Are you for real! Is this a another one liner fatwa, with no reasonable argument, and clearly with little knowledge of the comedy show- and you expect me to accept this!

And I saw this on Maks blog:

This is from the UK Mirror " It's not an offence to offend somebody..."

For 20 years he's (Dave John) been in the business of entertaining hip, young audiences with surreal whimsy. He's used to hecklers, habitual mobile phone-users talking through acts and awkward customers. All comedians are, it's an occupational hazard.

So, one recent Saturday night at Manchester Comedy Club, after seeing a group of 10 noisy Israeli students behaving obnoxiously he decided to nip it in the bud."Are you the Israeli students?" he asked at the start of his act. "Because there's 10 Palestinians at the box office saying you lot are occupying their seats."

Well, it made me laugh.

LOL, you have to admit the joke is pretty funny and clever for the situation... but read the whole story to get what happened after... talk about not having a sense of humour.

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Fatima said...

You received that e-mail too?
I just deleted it and continued to book...the e-mail didn't say anything about any of the material being used at the show.
Why can't people first research, and then knock it?
My brother introduced me to Azhar Osman a few years ago, by getting a copy of one of his shows.
It was brilliant...the jokes were clever and were not insulting islam&shariah in any way...

It's ridiculous - oh and i've finally booked the tickets :)

SingleGuy said...

I'm a huge fan of stand-up. I reckon if we can't laugh at ourselves sometimes then something is seriously wrong with us!

I read the link on mirror website, interesting read...for once it was not anti-islam, more just anti-hype and anti-lies. I only wonder though, what if Riyaad Moosa made a joke like that? Would the club have come out to support him that he was not being offensive?

Looking for to make Laff not war!

Bilal said...

coz people are stupid! thats the problem with muslims- we have too many stupid muslims that cant shut the hell up!!

cool- you should have come see me perform in Cape Town last weekend then!
The Make Laugh Not War show is going to rock big time! Hope you enjoy..

'liya said...

Ooh the Isreali/Palestinian joke made me laugh! Now I'm going to click on the link to see what kind of war broke out afterwards.

SingleGuy said...

I would have come see you if I had known you were performing that weekend...I caught Riyaad's show the previous Sunday.

saaleha. said...

But Allah made us funny!! (ok, i ripped that off from another comedy show).

Mockery of Islam? Eish Bilal, I think you've to material for a new act.

Bilal said...

I have a really good Israeli joke- maybe one day I perform in Canada myself:)

The show was sold out anyways and I wasn’t there to perform- Riaad asked me at the last minute so didn’t really tell anyone- in fact, I prefer to perform in front of strangers!

No- that is what Azhar and them call their tour- that is also precisely the reason some beards have an issue with this!
I know- at first was considering performing with the big shots- but now that it is Haraam, I definitely want to do so! Now I am going to try my best to be on stage with them!! Maybe even make a joke or 2 about it:P

Saaleha said...

sigh...some things will never change. Thank goodness, no one listens anymore :-)

Zak P said...

its comedy!!! its comedy!!! like u say Bil. theres a lot of idiots out there, arguing over small things. WAKE UP, think and laugh a bit.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Muhammad said...

encore brother... lets bring more shows like this to South AFrica. Seriously... these people are immature at best. And what does that say about us if we follow them


Muhammad Karim.

simon said...

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Javed said...

This is so fucking wild man ! Fuck them all, fuck fuck fuck, whi gives a fucking shit