30 August 2007

Make Laugh Not War- you coming?


zingtrial said...

Yes make love not war perfect posting.
where did you find it,liked it.all the best

Muhammad said...

I caught it.. it was SO bRilliant.. I want to check out your set though.. you got it bootlegged somewhere?

btw... I blogged about something that irked me during the concert .. the conservative backlash where they were saying the whole thing was haraam, etc. It pisses me off!

I blogged about it here

I'd like to know your thoughts :)



P.S. it was pretty full for a Durban crowd... not bad.

Bilal said...

we made this. ok, not me, Haseena- but i was involved in the process!
Shows went really well!

thanks dude. the shows in Jhb went really well. but i hear the durban crowd was disappointing!
Mo Amer started his routine by saying:
"We were in Dbn yday, and so its GREAT to be in Jhb!!"