19 August 2007

Wanabe stand up comedian!!!

Been trying stand up recently. First show was in the Nino's in Lenz- on for 3 mins and people laughed. Maybe at me, but it was fine for the first time:)
Tried again at Riaad Moosa's Strictly Halaal show at the Civic- on for about 10 mins and had an awesome time- was actually having fun up there!
Now tried again, but this time in Cape Town and lasted over 15 mins!! But my jokes are Joburg and Durban specific (well, more just about me!) and I found the Cape audiences just slightly tough- they did laugh a lot though, so I guess there is still a chance I can take another crack at it..
But for now, not giving up my day job just yet;)

p.s I have recorded most of my trials- place orders for the DVD now:)
p.p.s No seriously- not selling DVD's just yet- but willing to show it to whoever wants to see! [Not giving any copies away though- you can see it on my PC!]


Maria said...

seems like you're super complex... and comedy is a nice dimension. :) good on you... u should post a video of you on ur blog.

Moe said...

slms hey bro. i have to agree a video on you tube would go along way in gauging ure funny'ness. lol anyways hope to catch ure act soon. must admit i can very easily see u as comedian!

zakir said...

yo man. U doing it for real!! power to the people. u know u got my support. post up some clips on your blog.

Saaleha said...

it's that hair :P

Bilal said...

not super complex- just a little different! not posting any videos anywhere- unless i can make sure it cant be copied:)

Thanks dude. Will show u the video next time we do breakfast:) & i hope that was a compliment:P

no, no clips! need some more material dude- when u coming to civilisation?


Saaleha said...

now that's peurile
vdmwaste - word verification... now i'm worried