28 September 2007

Code Red

Wednesday September 27 was a sad day for the Burmese people. Burmese troops in Rangoon opened fire on monks and their supporters, killing at least three people. As night fell, police raided Buddhist temples, arresting at least 200 monks.

For Russia and China, September 27 should be a day of shame. According to the Guardian, the two countries blocked any suggestion of global sanctions against the Burmese regime at the UN Security Council emergency session.

Actually, the two countries even tried to halt the very meeting itself. The best the Security Council could manage was a statement of concern about the violent response to demonstrations in Rangoon.

According to the Democratic Voice of Burma, the statement read “Members of the council have expressed their concern vis-à-vis the situation, and have urged restraint, especially from the government of Myanmar.”

But South Africa is none the better! In January South Africa made a decision to join China and Russia in voting against a United Nations Security Council resolution -- calling on the military junta in Burma to stop human rights abuses, including ethnic killings, rapes and forced labour. In an e-mail to the Associated Press, Archbishop Desmond Tutu called the vote on January 12th a betrayal of South Africa's "noble past." He told Business Day that the history of the struggle meant South Africa should side with people "who are victims of one of the most repressive regimes".

Yesterday, however, even China felt they had to do something in order to avoid being associated to closely with the bloodshed in Burma. According to the

Guardian, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a press conference that “China hopes all parties can exercise restraint and properly handle the situation.”

Show your support

While the Chinese statement falls short of actually telling the Burmese government that there will be consequences if they resort to violence, it is a warning to the generals that the eyes of the world are upon them now.

Ordinary people all over the world are also showing their support for the monks, nuns, students and other brave people in Burma. Friday September 28, people in many countries are wearing read shirts in support of the Burmese people.

Red is the colour of the robes of the monks protesting in Burma. It is also the colour of blood. Wear red today. If it's too late, then when you get a chance, change to something red and hope and pray that there will not be too much blood shed in Burma!

25 September 2007

Who is to blame?!

There is something seriously wrong with our society-
One pupil is stabbed to death, as his friend narrowly misses the same fate- others across the country are not as lucky... Three schoolgirls are tied up, and tortured by their classmates, who film their acts on cell phone.
Another schoolgirl is pushed on her back by a group of boys, her legs pushed apart as the boys urge one another to “take a look”.
And that’s all just in the past week.

How does this link up to crime, especially the violent crime that we have become so accustomed to? These ‘crimes’ mentioned above are pretty sick if you ask me- and these are not being perpetrated by hardened criminals that the police are not catching as they are supposed to; neither are they being perpetrated by criminals who suffered from trauma and psychological damage following the brief bit of violence that transition from Apartheid to democracy brought.

No. These crimes are being committed by kids from relatively privileged backgrounds-kids that have the chance to go to fairly good schools- kids that went to schools like you and me.

This can’t be blamed on the government, can’t be blamed on Apartheid, can’t be blamed on the media (or can it?!)... So who is to blame for the sad state of the youth currently? These criminals are the future lawyers, doctors and probably politicians! The future looks bleak...

Come to think of it, its probably the parents who need to shoulder the responsibility for this shit!

20 September 2007

Happy Ramadaan

Been sooo busy sorting out car issues, visa applications, new division at work, preparing for Taraweeh prayers at night, etc, etc...
So here is to a Happy Ramadaan- going to recycle a post from last year:

16 September 2007

Comedy Career

My short but sweet comedy career: [besides the sour bits highlighted later..]
[Due to popular demand- I have YouTube'd- see below:)]
22/07/07 Nino's @ Traderoute in Lenz with Riaad Moosa, Wayvinne Dawson and David Kibuuka!

29/07/07 Strictly Halaal with Riaad Moosa @ Civic in Jhb

17/08/07 Strictly Halaal with Riaad Moosa @ On Broadway in Cpt

19/08/07 Strictly Halaal with Riaad Moosa @ Barans in Cpt

03-04/09/07 Make Laugh Not War with Riaad Moosa, Azhar Usman, Mo Amer, Preacher Moss and Joey Rasdien @ Civic in Jhb (Mon, 2 shows on Tues)

07/09/07 Spring Time Comedy with Chris Forrest, Martin Jonas, Vittorio, David Kibuuka and Rabin Harduth @ Ghandi Hall in Lenz.

09/09/07 Cool runnings with Stuart Taylor, John Vlismas, David Kau in Melville!

15/09/07 International TV debut with Kalay Maistry on Al-Jazeera English!

see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZoRIMnppBU

Now to the sour bit. This following email was sent to a sister who just forwarded a silly email without verifying its contents. The Mufti says the sin is on her for not verifying it!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: A K Hoosen
Assalaamu alaikum
Br/Sister in Islam
Email your queries to:

Nabi SAW did not say this about azan. It is a fabrication - please verify before sending emails otherwise the sin is on you.

Abdool Kader Hoosen

I wonder who else this advice will apply to?!? That Faizal guy [NoIslam] perhaps?! Perhaps a certain Mufti who said the show was a mockery of Islam without bothering to verify that himself!! It will definitely apply to this anonymous idiot who left this comment on my last post:

Anonymous said...

“Mockery of the Religion is Disbelief
Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan
Source: Things that Nullify One's Islam …”

Anonymous- does lies and slander not nullify your Islam? Huh? Go and research that maybe.. And if you had any faith in your own words- you would stand behind them proudly- not hide behind pathetic anonymity!

05 September 2007

Thank you fans:P

I would like to thank my parents and the Academy:)
No, seriously- I would like to thank the following people:
-To all those that attended Make Laugh Not War! Thank you!
-To Dr Riaad Moosa- Thanks for an awesome show! & thanks for giving me the chance to try out!
-To Islamic Relief- Thanks for coming on board and also making this work!
-To Azhar Usman, Mo Amer & Preacher Moss- you guys rock! Thanks for the tips!
-To all my friends- thanks for giving me so much material:P
-To the Jamiat- thanks for letting the comedians speak at the Musjid and share the positive message with South African Muslims. (& thanks for lunch!)
-To Al-Jazeera- Thanks for the interview:) [p.s Watch out for me on Al-Jaz English!]
-To FaizalKnow [NoIslam] & ChannelMufti- thanks for the reverse marketing- people flocked & left feeling sorry for those silly enough to boycott!