05 September 2007

Thank you fans:P

I would like to thank my parents and the Academy:)
No, seriously- I would like to thank the following people:
-To all those that attended Make Laugh Not War! Thank you!
-To Dr Riaad Moosa- Thanks for an awesome show! & thanks for giving me the chance to try out!
-To Islamic Relief- Thanks for coming on board and also making this work!
-To Azhar Usman, Mo Amer & Preacher Moss- you guys rock! Thanks for the tips!
-To all my friends- thanks for giving me so much material:P
-To the Jamiat- thanks for letting the comedians speak at the Musjid and share the positive message with South African Muslims. (& thanks for lunch!)
-To Al-Jazeera- Thanks for the interview:) [p.s Watch out for me on Al-Jaz English!]
-To FaizalKnow [NoIslam] & ChannelMufti- thanks for the reverse marketing- people flocked & left feeling sorry for those silly enough to boycott!


Fatima said...

it was such fun!
the mib joke had me in giggles again...yeah..i read it on your blog a while back :)
well done...kudos to u...it took so much of guts...well done! :D

Saaleha said...

now i wish i had attended

Muhammad said...

Rock on Brother! We;re right behind you! with Pitchforks and torches if we have to :)

Somebody please get me a bootleg of this guy...

Tip to you Bilal: put up a podcast or video! come on!

Insipid said...

Whens the DVD coming out?

saaleha. bamjee. said...

and Azaadville had to get it:)
well done.

Goolam_D said...

But now you need to post the video of your act. Not a matter of pride, just to earth the moment. It wasn't the best comedy act ever but thats also why you'll remember how good it was.

zingtrial said...

Salaam Hope all went well He!He!He!What about us who missed it?Wishing you well

irshaad said...

great work dude.

looking forward to one day claiming to have known a world famous comedian back in the day when he was a 'nobody' hehe

ZK said...

hey it was awesome :P
mmmm i found you new material lol
well kinda hehehehe i found place you can go to for material lol but i'll leav it to my cuz saf to explain on that one :D

The K-man said...

Now I wished I Had made it to the show. But alas. Well done man.

Bilal said...

Thanks fatima. I think that’s when comedy works- when you can relate to your audience- see, I can almost quit my day job soon:)

You really missed out! Not just me:) But some of the funniest Muslims in the world!!!

Thanks dude. It was so much fun- who ever imagined me to be funny! Guess its over now. It was def fun, but its too dangerous to continue now- with all those fatwas and boycotts- just now those NoIslam guys do a jihad on my ass!!

I will post a video only if there is a way of making sure it cant be copied! And the videos are all huge- where can I post so many megs?

@saaleha. bamjee:
Azaadville gave me my best laughs!! Sympathies to all you poor souls from that place:P

Hey dude! What are you saying? That we were not funny enough:P I will post a video- as soon as I can figure out how to!!

Slmz. Thanks. It went better than I expected! Will try to post a clip soon...

Thanks dude. Don’t worry- no chance of that ever happening to me!!

Thanks hey! What new material? Tell saf to tell me about it…

You didn’t come? You really missed out dood:P

Anonymous said...

Mockery of the Religion is Disbelief
Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan
Source: Things that Nullify One's Islam

Whoever mocks anything from
the Religion of the Messenger or Allah's
reward or punishment has disbelieved. [2]

"And if you were to ask them, they would say: 'Surely we were only jesting and playing.' Say: 'Was it Allah, His Verses, or His Messenger you were mocking? Make no mistake, verily you have disbelieved after your belief.' "

make laugh not war with your creator!

Haseena said...

if you had gone to see the comedy show you would then know that no mockery of Islam, Allah or the Prophet(SAW) took place..
rather a play on the various cultural stereotypes found in the muslim community globally
-get your facts straight
-and smile for goodness sake
btw bilal you have to you tube it!
i think you can decrease file size in windows movie maker

Bilal said...

Dont be STUPID!
If you had any sense, you wouldn't hide behind anonymity!
And why don't you go do some research on lies and slander?! That would do you much good!

ignore the stupid- but pray thanks for idiots like him. The world will be dull without farts like this to lighten it up!
Movie maker? I dont have movie maker! One day, one day i will get it up..

Zahera said...

Ramadhan Mubarak Bilal :-) May Allah (swt) fill your month with barakah! Ameen.

Bilal said...

Ramadaan Mubarak to you too!

Check this out:


riy said...

bro you need upload some of the videos for the boys in Q... or put it on a dvd and send it with raiman/some1 who is coming this side of the world. javascript:void(0)
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Anonymous said...

@bilal : do u deny your lords words? the book of truth dosent lie!

"And if you were to ask them, they would say: 'Surely we were only jesting and playing.' Say: 'Was it Allah, His Verses, or His Messenger you were mocking? Make no mistake, verily you have disbelieved after your belief.' "

ps: why do you allow anon comments? if you have a problem with it then disable it! but dont allow anon comments and then slander the anonymous soul! hmmph!! surely you, knew that when u activated it!? nevermind i will give you the benfit of the doubt and im sure you will realise that when you slander and anonymous commenter then you are in fact mocking yourself, because you yourself activated it! :))))))