11 October 2007

when we going home?

There are too many South Africans in the UK!

So far, at least half the people I have met (both planned and randomly) have been South African! From the contacts I have been given by people back home, to the many random Afrikaans and South African accents you hear on the tube, to the receptionist at Canada Square!
Let’s hope some go for this:

Woza Ekhaya

...You can be the miracle

We live in a country with great needs, but even greater potential…. Something we should try not to forget. We should not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the challenges, or the distance of the road to be walked. Small things change the world. Baby footsteps will travel the distance… and we need to embrace the journey.

Never before has SA been more alive with opportunity. There is an energy in the air to work together: to build better, achieve greater and become stronger. It is the one place where every individual can write his own story, make a difference and be noticed.

South Africa is a country brimming with miracles. One of them could be you...


Zak P said...

Can i come back to SA too???

Bilal said...

You stay where you are! Unless you guys are ready to remove the borders and become one of our provinces:P

Ahmed said...

Eid Mubarak!!!

ZK said...

lol many i know who are in london hope to be back after they had their year or 6months...
some just find freedom and a new life all more exciting...
which will you be?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hey! i c our homegrown revolutionary went global, without forgettin the roots :)

keep the faith, bro

Bilal said...

Happy Eid to you too!

I dont think it matters whether someone wants to live here or come back home- as long as they acknowledge that they need to give back to the country and its people- if for nothing else, for those who gave their lives to give us the opportunity to educate, live and have the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy.

shortly- we have benefitted, others still suffer. we need to give them what we had/have...

South Africa has recently overtaken Brazil as the world model of inequality!!!

lol. Thanks:)
I repeat part of my point above- it dont matter where you are- as long as you are aware of your reponsibilities.
There are people in SA, Muslims even, who exploit, abuse and perpetrate different forms of Apartheid till today!!

zee said...


seems like u enjoying the new surroundings - im glad.