14 November 2007

the rightly guided car

I couldn’t make up anything funnier, even if I tried! This is the latest from Muslim Capitalists for Muslim Consumerists. The ‘Islamic Car’, as reported by the BBC.

From the era of sweets and chocolates being made unlawful, to bank finance being made lawful, the Muslims of the world once again never seize to entertain.

I can just about overhear the ‘uncles’ in the Mosques once word starts getting around: ‘Ooh, Mashallah (Praise God) this is soo wonderfool.. Islam is going to new heights now, or should I rather say new journeys! Hehe!’

As some citycircler stated:
‘… It appears that Muslims have once again proven their expertise in pointlessly differentiating themselves from the rest of the human race with their designs for an, err, 'Islamic car'.

You can just see an Islamist-run advertising agency positioning the new product:
"The Islamic car is superior and will dominate over all other cars. If you want a fast-track to paradise you must buy the Islamic car, not drive those filthy decadent kuffar cars on their one-way street to the hell-fire.
No need for a Satnav when our in-built Qur'an is the only guide you need. Choose any colour, as long as it's green. No need to follow secular man-made traffic laws any more, Shariah law applies whilst driving.
Women drivers must be accompanied by a close male relative. Should you get killed in an accident you will be considered a martyr. And of course no need for car insurance".

The report mentions there will be a special compartment to store the Qur'an and headscarves. Isn't that what the kuffar call a glove compartment?

So do we need 'the Islamic car' and what features would you include?


Zeynab said...

BWAHAHAAH! Sharia traffic law!!!
A Muslim CAR! Wow. That's some GENIUS marketing. I can't even believe this! What I'm really embarrassed about is that Iranis came up with this idea!

Anonymous said...

hehe...i guess anything to make money i would rather make my car notibly muslim friendly by a bumper sticker that states allah loves you more....its a much cheaper option

moraiman said...


It reminds me of the kosher cellfone they came up with here. it doesnt allow text messages or gprs. kosher to kosher fones are REALLY cheap but if u try to make a call on a Saturday (sabbath) u get penalised .. like $3 a minute! lol

Saaleha said...

it's a crazy world....

Anonymous said...

comes standard with tasbeeh hanging from mirror
dua for travelling automatically recited by computer voice when u get in
wont start without special voice recognition command from driver, "bismillah" - that would be security feature
driver seat faces qiblah- dont ask me how thats gonna work
fur on the dashboard is fist-length
higher suspension so that the skirting doesnt fall below the top of the tyre
engine cuts off during salaah times
musalah in the boot comes fitted next to spare wheel, oh wait no wheel jack kit, we 'tawaqal'
comes fitted with automatic double parking system and 'dont give a shit cos im slam ou' driveway blocking assistance
computer system in car links up with your supermarket/cash n carry/superette point of sale system so you can watch your business from anywhere