20 February 2008

Farewell Comrade Fidel, farewell!!

Farewell Comrade Fidel, farewell!!

Fidel Castro, struggle hero, inspirational leader of the poor and oppressed of the world, has stepped down as President of Cuba after almost 50 years of heroic leadership.

Under his leadership, Cuba has been a shining symbol of hope for the workers and poor people of the world. The government has consistently put the interests of the people first and proved to the world that national liberation, democracy and socialism are not just words in speeches but can become a living reality. He has proved that there is an alternative to the barbarism of capitalism and imperialism and has kept the banner of socialism flying high.

In a world in which monetarist capitalism is squeezing humanity to a pulp, where giant corporations are steadily making inroads to monopolise wealth and the means of production, Cuba stands out, proving that it is possible, with few resources and against tough sanctions, to construct a socially progressive model.

JP Morgan recently employed Tony Blair to advise the bank on the "political and economic changes that globalisation brings". The bank said he had a "unique perspective" and that he would advise the bank, "drawing on his immense international experience to provide the firm with strategic advice and insight on global political issues and emerging trends".

"Our firm will benefit greatly from his knowledge and experience," the bank said. Perhaps the banks and corporations of the world should consider seeking advice and direction Comrade Fidel, who certainly has a "unique perspective" and "immense international experience."

Viva Comrade Fidel Viva! Viva Cuba viva!

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Almira said...

Who would have guessed brother?

Anyways hope you have been doing well Bilal.