28 February 2008

my brothers poem

My tears
What can I say,
I cry in dua,
I cry in salah,
I cry on unfinished musjid rooftops,
I cry for my sins,
I cry for hidaayat,
but in me last few days,
I mostly cry for an old lady,
with a young heart,
who has a very special place in my heart,
A woman who devoted her life to others more than herself,
A lady who not only cared for me as a child, but my mother as well,
Even in her old age, she cared for one and all,
So far away I am from her today,
yet so close to my heart she is held

I will cry
Is it that I cry,
due to fear of losing her,
or due to the distance today thatleaves me unable of paying to her what is her right,
I don’t know,
But what I do know,
is that I’ll never forget her,
for who she was,
for what she did for me,
For all the love she spread,
for all the wounds she healed,
I will cry in dua,
I will in salah,
I will cry no matter where I am,
I will cry for her,
every time I'm reminded of her,
every time I think of her,
I will cry for herwhether I see her again or not

My dua
But mostly I will cry in dua for her,
for my tears and neither my duas will do justice for what she has done for us,
and I beg of one and all,
that u never forget her nor what she has done for us,
But more importantly that you never stop making dua for her,
the dua that she so deserves from us all

© Muhammed Randeree

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