23 April 2008

Bloggers of the World, Unite for Charity

My name is Bilal and I am a blogger. Who is a blogger? A blogger is someone who keeps a blog. What is a blog? A blog is basically a journal that is available on the Web.

Whole blog communities have sprung up around topics that put people into contact with one another where they can learn, share ideas, make friends, and even do business with people having similar interests from around the world. Blogging is another modern-day platform that influences how the youth of today connect, interact, and engage with their peers.

But like every medium out there, the Internet can be used for good or bad. The online environment could sometimes be an obstacle, presenting many immoral features, which deter us from thinking, knowing, and practicing Islam daily. We need to contribute toward the spiritual, moral, and physical development of the youth and the community. An important aspect of our Islamic identity is the development and encouragement of social service and charity work.

(For those who give in charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a beautiful loan, it will be increased manifold, and they will have a noble reward.) (Al-Hadid 57:18)

Blogs are one of the effective tools that help in spreading and discussing charitable ideas and activities among youth.

But unfortunately, not many people are using their blogs for this purpose, in spite of the influential role it plays.

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Muhammad said...

rock on bro. I totally agree. I have spoke on Radio Al Ansaar on my show encouraging all the MXiT'ers an facebookers to get islamicised and get active in general in both Muslim and Non-Muslim causes. It is paramount to get involved first and foremost.



P.S. I Linked ya :)