14 April 2008

Last King of Africa?

Anyone seen or heard anything about this:

A new documentary from director Michael Skolnik (On The Outs) about the last ruling monarchy in Africa, King Mswati the III of Swaziland. "Without the King"paints the picture of a distant figure living in opulence while his subjects suffer from crushing poverty and the world's highest HIV infection rate. The film offers an unprecedented insight with Princess Sikhanyiso, King Mswati himself, as well as many Swazi citizens who are plotting his downfall.
The film opens on April 25th at the Quad Cinemas in NYC. For more information visit the Myspace page

Here is the link to the film's trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o37iJhBo7VU

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great! thanks very much for sharing!