08 May 2008

60 years of Israel

The State of Israel turns 60 today.
Scratch the surface and see what it's built on...



3.On-going ethnic cleansing

4.An Apartheid regime

What's to celebrate?

This message was attached to bikes and we cycled through London for the day. This was a Nakba60 initiative. Visit the website: www.nakba60.org.uk

London will host a huge demonstration for Palestine on Saturday 10 May 2008 @1pm, Temple Tube Station. Loads of banners have been prepared for this!


irshaad said...

Nice one

icedmocha said...

shoot...i totalli missd this due to exams. imm wide awake and bak in the blogging hemisphere. wot continent are u in these days? south africa was where i placed you 17 months ago.