24 September 2008

Halal interview with Hashim Amla

From Ramadan.co.za : Halal Bilal interviews Hashim Amla-

Hashim Amla topped the averages and the run charts for South Africa during the recent England tour, including a century in the first Test at Lord's, which helped to save the game. The stylish right-handed batsman is a solid and dependable man for the South African team, yet he still has time to share with his Muslim brothers and sisters.

The first half of this blessed month of Ramadan has passed. How do you feel about this?

There are a few emotions that are brought up when reflecting., over the last few years I have spent Ramadan in a few other countries so Alhamdulillah I am thrilled that this year I have been fortunate to see many days of Ramadan at home. Every country has its unique flavour of Islam which I absolutely love and of course the cuisines are a pleasant bonusJ. However the feeling of regret dominates me- not enough Quran, Salah, reflection etc. Alhamdulillah there’s still time left so I’m hoping to make merry while I can, Inshallah

Does the fasting affect your performance during matches, or if no games are being played in Ramadan, is your training being affected?

Yes, it does affect the matches and training- positively mostly- Alhamdulillah. People get amazed when I tell them that I have learnt so much in my game while I had been fasting. There has been instances on hot and humid summers days in Durban when I had been batting, and I remember thinking to myself with a bone dry mouth and throbbing headache...’when am I going to get out because I cannot handle this anymore’. I went on to make a big score, Alhamdulillah, but I have learnt after passing that stage of thirst and mental fatigue, that the limits we put on the body and mind can, and at times, must be challenged.

What advice would you give Muslim youth who are busy with studies/work/etc and find it difficult during the month of Ramadan?

I think time and energy management is key for us. I try and do my activities later in the day.
The truth is, Ramadan is a rewarding and testing month for all and experiencing difficulty and weakness is, I believe, one of the means of creating humility and submission in us to our lord. So when it’s tough, I am thinking sabr.

What do your other team mates have to say about Ramadan? Do they think it’s an issue that you fast?

There is no real issue and all I try and do is create a better understanding in their minds. Some have asked the significance of fasting, and I explain to them that this practise is not just in the Islamic faith, but in most of the world religions as a way of instilling discipline and God consciousness and that we believe Islam to be the final revelation to humanity. Other guys are just amazed that we don’t eat food or drink the whole day and still play cricket.

Does Ramadan provide extra opportunities for giving Dawah and speaking to non-Muslims about the beauty of Islam?

Yes indeed. Alhamdulillah.

What is your favourite verse from the Holy Quran?
Ala bidhikrillahi tutma innul quloob
La in shakartum la azeedanna kum
Innallaha ma'as saabireen

Who is your favourite reciter of the Holy Quran? I love Sheikh Mishari Raashid.

I enjoy listening to Sheikh Abdullah al-Matrood.

What general advice would you like to give the Muslim youth out there?

Let us strive to keep good friends, those that encourage towards the path of faith and knowledge.In our daily life we have interactions and the best form of attraction and understanding of Islam we can offer is that of the beloved Messenger (saw) and he (saw) has mentioned:

“ballighoo anni wa lo aayah” - “Convey from me even if it be a single aayah”

May Allah make it easy for us to follow the way of His Prophet (saw).

Halal Bilal is a South African comedian. He has toured with Riaad Moosa (The funniest man in South Africa) and many other South African comedians. He has also toured with the American group - Allah Made Me Funny - in South Africa and the UK.
His shows can be seen at www.skit.co.za
Picture from : www.tribuneindia.com


Anonymous said...

is there any reason you chose that pic?just btw i dig Sheikh Mishari aswell.He rocks in a classical kind of way!!!

Bilal said...

i thinks its a funny pic to have for a ramadan post:)
and since i forgot to be funny in the interview....
he does- but he upset me- saw him in kuwait recently- he 'performed' for all these 'leaders'- he should have spoken out against them- but i guess he's just a Quran reciter, not a revolutionary... [even though the Quran can be said to be revolutionary..]