29 December 2008

In Solidarity?!

I sit at home and watch the carnage unfold in Gaza. Not much I can do to stop it from here, but I will do my best. Trying to support the actions that are being organised here in South Africa...

South Africans have been discussing this, blogging and facebooking about it- and then going out to have a McDonalds and Coke. And eating that Halal certified product 'Made in Israel'. What solidarity is this?! Got loads more to vent on this, but not now...

Like to share this from safiyyah:
One thing is for sure, those who use the name of Islam, but are nowhere to be seen or heard (except for the usual, "we condemn these acts" rhetoric) today when the Ummah needs them the most, are worst then the Zionists, who are quite clear about who and what they stand for. These western lackey "Muslim" governments must go before Gaza, and al Quds, can even take a snail step towards freedom.

I cannot help but liken Gaza to Karbala, as we fast approach that day of mourning. The Prophets (saw) family were mercilessly killed, at the hands of Yazid and his cronies, who ruled under the pretense of "Islam". Nothing has changed. The rulers of the current "Muslim" world are today's Yazids, and as responsible for the atrocity that is Gaza as they were for the slaughter of the Ahl Bayt.
And also liked this from Ayesha:
From protest to protest
from march to march
our brains in our mouths
our hearts in our pockets

we will give ,
till it doesn't hurt
and shout
till it doesn't rattle

and a slumber
will be lifted
at a time inopportune

and the people shall be sorted
and the scales will be tipped
and regret shall have no virtue

for the ones who spoke
but didn't do
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Saaleha said...

see, what bothers me in all this is how will any of it make a difference. Since when did politicians listen to anyone but money?

Bilal said...

when the streets were full of people, burning tires and shouting 'No more'!
Problems start again when we keep quite...

Saaleha said...

Palestine has been going on for longer than i can remember. What options remain open that have not been tried?

Bilal said...

when injustice exists, it needs to be fought- and we should be willing to die trying...