17 January 2009

Start of Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow 2009

Qatar is busy this weekend. At the airport this morning, Palestinian leaders were coming in to meet with Arab leaders to discuss the attack on Gaza. Most Arab states are said to be here, with the notable exception of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. As the attacks on Gaza continue and the death toll increases, Saudi Arabia and Egypt refuse to even attend the summit to have discussions.

The Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow conference is on for the next two days and 300 young Muslims from around the world will be in attendance. I have not met that many interesting new people, largely due to the fact that I have been catching up with the many people that I knew already.

The Jumuah program was in English by Imam Bilal Philips, who discussed the concepts of brotherhood and unity, focusing on the role Muslims, and Muslim leaders, need to play in acting against the atrocities in Gaza.

The Islamic Arts Museum opened in Doha last month. The museum building itself is an amazing sight and has the obvious aspects of classical Islamic architecture, together with modern touches and finishing. Spent a few hours there and was totally blown away by the extensive collection of artefacts, presented in a modern and interactive manner.

Hats off to Doha for doing such a remarkable job of presenting Islamic art, and most importantly, not just concentrating on the past, but through the state of the art guide system, presenting and making relevant various principles and aspects of Islam and the cultures under which it thrived. A few hours is definitely not enough to be able to truly appreciate the extensive collection, so plan at least a day or two if you are ever in the area.

More on MLT 2009 to follow. Watch this space.

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