24 February 2009

PGDip- Profile interview

Gillian Rennie: Training journalists to help heal our country.

"Why do we have to believe in something bigger than us?", asks Gillian Rennie, lecturer for Rhodes University's School of Journalism and Media studies, to her class of Postgraduate Diploma students. Gillian is absolutely fascinated by 'humanities urge to believe'. Having first graduated with a BA in English and Theology from the University of Natal in Pietermaritzburg, Gillian went on to complete a Diploma in Journalism and started her career as a reporter for The Star newspaper in Johannesburg. Her exciting and unique style of lecturing forces full attention from her diverse and interesting group of students.

At the age of 18, when Gillian started of journalism, she thought she could change the world- now she continues being a journalist because she thinks that story telling is a way that this country can heal itself. Gillian appreciates maverick journalists, like the exciting Max Du Preez, and believes that tabloids serve an important function in this country- over half a million new readers now follow the hit tabloid, The Daily Sun. With a number of school teachers, a Mandela Rhodes scholar, head of a local NGO and an accountant amongst others, Gillian can now pass on the skills of the trade so that this batch of journalists-in-training can continue to help the country heal itself.

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