12 August 2009

Jokes at Mosque this Friday!!

Do not be suprised if you hear a joke or two at Mosque this Friday. The Jamiatul Ulama, Council of Muslim Theologians in South Africa, in the Friday Lecture summary of their newsletter, encouraged Imams to speak about 'Light-heartedness in Islam'.

The Jamiat, as they are known on the streets, serves the spiritual needs of Muslims of South Africa, as it states on their website.

The summary states the "companions of the Prophet (pbuh) were serious people and were least heedless of the commands of Allah, yet they used to joke. Ibn Sireen was asked about the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasalam, ‘Did they joke?’ He replied: ‘They were just like normal people (i.e. yes they did).’

It also includes examples from the life of the Prophet (pbuh) when he made jokes and it clearly claims that Islam does not prohibit joking and teasing. However, there are guidelines that it states needs to be followed.

"It is widely misunderstood that Islam is a religion of suppression and harshness, where laughing and joking is not permitted," the Jamiat newsletter states and seeks to challenge. A full copy of the newsletter is available at www.jamiat.co.za

Muslim comedians probably welcome statements like this :)

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Azra said...

I've long been an advocate of Moderation. Islam is moderation and all things in moderation.

Thats the key to real success.

Glad to see some people are jumping on board.