25 September 2011

Khanfar to run Man United

Qatar has received confirmation that their offer to purchase Manchester United has been approved. Although the buyout is still currently confidential, sources involved in this deal are certain that Wadah Khanfar will replace Sir Alex Furgeson at the end of the season. 

Manchester United has a greater support and following than Al Jazeera. Despite the role that the network has played in the Middle East. The source believes that the London Riots was the catalyst for these unseen events. 

Speaking under strict anonymity, the source revealed that the London Riots highlighted that those [youths] were in desperate need of [training]. And thus the current series of events.

*this is not news - go to http://english.aljazeera.net for that 
*words in [ ] have been changed for safety reasons
* the identity of the author is being protected cos he writes this during work hours, when he shouldn't.


Dreamlife said...

I believe a few more details could have spiced this 'story' up even more...but i guess when you're doing it in working hours, you need to be quick, right? ;)

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